No Deposit Van Insurance

no deposit van insurance

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Looking fro no deposit van insurance? We have all seen those sites online with their bold claims of sixty per cent off current renewal rates for van insurance.  The initial instinct is to go “wow, good deal.  I need to look into that!”

But remember, you often get what you pay for.  So what are you giving up so that your insurance premiums are going to be that much less than what you already pay?

Stop and consider what extra services you might be getting.  Do you have key cover if yours are stolen or lost? What about windscreen repair when you need it? Are you able to get a replacement van so you can keep working?

And do you have legal fees covered if you are claimed against?


What about if your van suffers a breakdown due to normal wear – does your current cheap van insurance policy cover those repairs?  These are some of the more common things to consider about those flashy promise sites, but they are not the only things you should think about.


One needs to consider how claims are handled and if they ever get to speak with a human representative or not.  In some cases going through a broker to get the cheapest rates means giving up human contact or worse yet paying an extra charge to get it.

You should think carefully about if email contact only in the event of an emergency is worth it to get that possible sixty per cent reduction in your current premiums on cheap van Insurance.

Now for some people, it will be very worth it to save that extra money on insuring their vans.  Of course, it will, we all have different needs when it comes to insurance.  Some people will do fine with email contact.

Others, however, need and want the human contact;, particularly where there has been an accident and a claim needs to be filed.  Having the ability to reach a person for these business owners is likely worth paying a little extra for.

no deposit van insurance


The bottom line on this issue is that only you can decide how important service is to you, and how much of a delay you can accept when it comes to disruptions to the flow of your business.

Really what you have to consider when you look at no deposit van insurance is the overall value you are getting.

You need to take stock of what extras your current premium offers you and figure out what you can live without, be it a smaller excess or other extra cover options. Once you have decided what you do not need, then you need to ask yourself what other things you do need.


Do not fall for the magic sixty percent off your policy without being sure that you can give up certain other services, compare quotes and see for yourself, and you will find cheap no deposit van insurance that is the best fit for your business.